Southern Atlantic Seafood Holdings is a mussel farming and processing, Aquaculture business located off the West Coast of the Southern Cape at Saldahna Bay. In South Africa, wild mussels grow abundantly along the coast. The sheltered but well circulated waters of Saldahna Bay provides the perfect environment for cultivation of the Mediterranean mussel Mytilus Galloprovincialis. Mussels are grown on ropes suspended in the water column. The mussels are exposed to nutrient rich waters and feed naturally on the plankton in the waters. The mussels are harvested, sorted, cleaned, steamed and processed in a state of the art facility before being individually quick frozen (IQF) and exported to international markets either as full shell, on the half shell or as mussel meat. Our company prides itself of producing premium quality mussels through integrity and passion we ensure environmental sustainability and supports the local community through mentorship programmes and skills development.