Nedan has soya crushing and oil extraction plants in Mokopane (Limpopo province), processing oil and other raw materials into edible oils and high-protein textured vegetable products for the food processing and fast food industries.

Nedan is an oilseed crushing, extraction and refining plant and a leader in processing soya beans into:

  • Edible oils
  • Soya cake for animal feed
  • High protein defatted soya flour
  • Texturised soya protein for human consumption.
  • We specialise in four oils, namely soya, sunflower, palm and cotton oils and offer a variety of blending opportunities.

Nedan is the market leader in texturised soya protein for human
consumption and oil cake for the animal feed industry.

Nedan processes soya beans into various oils and proteins. We are a bulk supplier to the industrial food and related industries in Southern Africa with substantial processing capacity which includes 255,000 tonnes of soya beans making Nedan the supplier of choice for leading brands in South Africa.

We ensure the customer’s needs are met, with targeted procurement, processing and delivery solutions, qualified sales staff and a fully equipped laboratory, for complete analysis to international standards.

The vision of Nedan is to be the most technologically advanced oil and protein company in Southern Africa and selected markets, based on a culture of competitiveness, quality products, freedom to innovate and the passionate pursuit of efficiency.

This is achieved through plant innovation, processing efficiencies and on-going product development.