Sunshine Bakery, which opened in 2005, is located in the heart of the Natal Midlands in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. We are passionate about our bread and are committed to offering consumers healthy, fresh, tasty, bread, with a good shelf-life.

All our bread products are enriched with Vitamin D.  Our secret lies in our unique premix recipe that has taken generations to perfect! The foundation of Sunshine Bakery’s success is the unrivaled personal service we offer to our customers, with no outlet being too small or too big to become a stockist of Sunshine Bakery bread.

Our customers have peace of mind knowing that Sunshine Bakery offers consistent supply and quality of bread. Whether you need fresh, squashy sandwiches, crunchy toast, a mouth-watering bunny chow, a yummy savoury tart or delicious bread and butter pudding, start with Sunshine Bakery Bread for a successful end result.